Create the perfect product for your business

Finding new products, getting inspired, and finally designing a product that is consistent with your brand identity and fits your customer type can be both difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the team or time to do so.

Let experience and innovation lead the way

At Dymak, we have helped develop unique products for our customers, in the grower segment, for more than 20 years. During this time, our sourcing range has become wider, leaving us with more options to find the perfect material for the ideal product. 

Whether it be everyday basics or seasonal pottery, our strong team of graphic designers helps our sales department find and create pottery that fits in perfectly with existing items or as pieces in a brand new collection for each customer. 

Each product is customized to fit your brand identity, whether that be shown in the design and quality of the product itself, the packaging, or even on the tags. With decades worth of experience in developing and producing pottery for growers, we have a specialty in matching products with high-quality craftsmen in the factories.

From 3D design to finished product

The 3D mockups assist in these times, where Covid-19 has become an unfortunate constant that affects the possibilities of in-person meetings. We offer our customers 3D mockups of the products our team designs to ensure that all parties are satisfied and happy with the final product before it enters production and testing. Mockups can also be done in a manner that showcases plural items, or in a setup -e.g. on a living room table in a collection to see how the red thread is carried through every product. 

Create the perfect product for your business