From raw material to finished product: Terra Cotta

We all know and love terracotta products, but how are they made? And how do you make it unique and personal? Based on our more than 20 years of experience, we have gathered the most crucial information on how you best create terracotta products.

How to create the perfect terra cotta pottery

Terracotta is a soft-baked earthware made from ground-up stones, which is best known for its warm orange color but can differ in color depending on where the material originated.
The terracotta mix is poured into molds to dry for 40 minutes or shaped by hand from a clump of harder premixed terracotta clay, after which the product is placed in the mids of the oven where it hardens at a thousand degrees. After the first burn in the kiln, the product gets painted or glazed in the color of your choice.
Creating a water-resistant product, such as a pot, would need a sealing solution added after the last burning process.
During the hardening process, the material shrinks 7-10% and, the color darkens to the shade we all know and love.

Add your desired finishing touch

With endless finish possibilities, you can create unique products for any season or collection that fit seamlessly into your existing assortment.
The terracotta products can be produced with a long line of finishes, including decals, stamped, embossing, and debossing. You can also use different types of glazes to create unique looks that fit your style. By adding a glaze, you can achieve an either iridescent, glossy, matt, or holographic finish on your product. Mixing different glazes is also possible and makes for some unique pottery. Creating seasonal products you, can either add decals or hand-painted motifs that visualize the holiday spirit. Decals would need an extra transparent layer to ensure the durability of the finish. If you would like a marmoreal, brushed silver, or metallic finish, the terracotta pots will need a third firing in the kiln, which adds to the cost. All of these finishes can help your product stand out for your customers or the consumers in-store.

From raw material to finished product: Terra Cotta