Plant Parents: The New Era of Wellness

A shift in the plant industry under the Covid-19 lockdowns has changed how plants are viewed among Millenials and Gen Z. Having become a more permanent product in households affects the growers of the plants, as consumers now demand more information about their plants. 

From aesthetic accessory to Urban pet

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of plants purchased. As more consumers have spent time in lockdown, they have grown to invest their time keeping them healthy and happy, as the plant’s wellbeing reflects on their plant parents.

Plants have served a place in the industry as an aesthetic product for Millennials. Since the first lockdown, plants have become the basis for Millenial self-care routines while creating a sense of community for plant enthusiasts that wish to meet post lockdown. Because of the consumers growing interest in the plant’s health concerns about sourcing and quality, they have become more willing to pay more for them as they are seen as luxury collectors’ items.

Guidance is key to healthy plant pets

As Millenials and Gen Z are moving into smaller, urban homes closer to city centers, their desire to own pets hasn’t lessened, but under strict restrictions from building rules, they are not allowed to own any. Because of this, plants have transformed into new pets for the segments living in the urban centers.

The plant parents, Millenials, and Gen Z search for the best caring guides to create the best possible life expectancy for their luxury plants. So much so, the UK-plant delivery company Patch has implemented a “Plant-Doctor” solution for consumers. Ensuring customers to include a “care guide” is a must-have add-on that will speak directly with the consumer’s needs and wants.

Plant Parents: The New Era of Wellness