Importance of sustainability in a supply chain

Becoming a sustainable supply chain is deeply rooted in our global company strategy. Below we have gathered a few of the steps we at Dymak have taken to become an even more sustainable supply chain partner.

Responsible sourcing

We are aware of the impact of sourcing and manufacturing have on planet earth, which is why we guide our customers to create products using eco-friendly materials. the available sustainable materials that are in abundance from the sourcing countries that we have access to. Producing the products in the same country as the origins of the material limits the amount of CO2 emitted. 


We are always on the lookout for new sustainable materials that can be used to create beautiful products for unique concepts. Materials such as FSC- certified wood, willow, and seagrass that are seen as waste within the sourcing countries can be used to produce e.g., furniture, baskets, and rugs, helping the sourcing countries waste and the customers need. We also have a great focus on using and reusing materials like excess or broken glass to create something new and unique for our customers. Staying innovative with the materials is a simple way of making a difference with excess production, e.g., using denim scraps to create unique pillowcases and baskets. 


When orders are finished in production, we add as many products as possible to every container for each customer so that no half-empty containers are shipped from the sourcing countries. By creating mixed containers and shipping the containers as close to the customer’s location as possible, we can minimize CO2 emissions during shipping.


Creating a sustainable supply chain also means looking at alternative packaging solutions that are both tough and reusable. Using recycled materials to package the products for a safe shipment and delivery are key elements to becoming a sustainable supply chain, which is why it is common to have multiple material packaging choices for your products from each sourcing country. As we expand our sourcing range we search for new minimal waste packaging solutions, to further lessen the CO2 emission. 

Investment in the future

We believe in sustainable solutions and using what the earth has provided us with to make the climate greener. In 2021 we invested 1 million DKK into solar power parks we will reduce CO2 emissions by what amounts to approximately 635.200 kWh a year, which is a step in the right direction. On a smaller scale, we incorporate sustainable acts within the office daily; bringing lunch to work, biking to work, printing less, investing, and using solar panels as a power source. Small changes have a great impact on the climate.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We acknowledge the importance of sustainability within our supply chain; therefore, we are working hard to reach all of the UN SDGs. We have chosen to go into depth for two of the SDGs that our business relies mostly on upon no. 8 & no. 13. 

We, alongside our teams in each sourcing country, ensure that human rights are met that every factory employee is paid rightfully so, and every safety precaution is in order.  

We are continuously implementing new methods of making every step from sourcing to logistics processes more climate-friendly. By e.g. digitalizing more of the samples for the offices as well as for our clients, we limit the amount of CO2 we would have emitted by sending everything by mail, in lots of packaging. 

Member of the FSC

We believe in being a part of great partnerships that help the earth become a better place. This is why we at Dymak are proud members of FSC and hold an FSC-Certification. As a member of FSC and an FSC certified global supply chain partner, we can source products made of responsibly forested materials with the knowledge of the workers having good working conditions.
We have a personal influence on the decision-making process part of our customers within the industry every time a product is produced with wooden materials.
Most of our customers aren’t used to creating products from certified materials such as FSC, which is one of the many changes we want to see in the future. 
See our FSC certificate here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognize that as a global business we have a responsibility for the environment, and the people. We are aware of the impact our actions have on the surrounding areas of our business therefore we are highly involved in every step from production to shipment. We make sure that our products are produced sustainably, with decent labor conditions and the environment in mind.

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